Wanda AltrecheCatedrática

(787) 758-2525, ext. 1441

B.S. – University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus (Biology)
M.S. – University of Puerto Rico, Medical Science Campus (Evaluation Research)
Ph.D. – Florida State University, School of Education (Institutional Research)

Professor Wanda Altreche-Bernal is a full Tenured Professor who joined the program in 1999. She has a master in science in Evaluation Research of Health Systems and a doctorate in Institutional Research from Florida State University. Dr. Altreche served as Director of the Office of Institutional and Academic Research of the Medical Sciences Campus for two years (1999-2001). Dr. Altreche has made important contributions in Educational Research and Testing (Institutional and Evaluation Research) for the President and Vice President for Academic Affairs of the UPR System. Among Dr. Altreche’s responsibilities is the development of the competency of quality assessment of both public health practices and health care delivery focusing on outcomes measurements, process/outcome relationships, and methods for process improvement. Dr. Altreche is a member in good standing of the following associations: APHA and Asociación de Calidad de Salud de Puerto Rico.