The MHSA Program identifies and admits the highest qualified candidates, regardless of race, age, sex, disability, religion, sexual orientation or national origin, and states this nondiscrimination policy in all its published materials. The MHSA Program seeks students who are highly motivated and demonstrate a firm commitment to healthcare management, as evidenced by their interests, leadership, backgrounds and experiences.

The Office of Students Affairs is responsible for most recruitment activities and coordinates efforts with program coordinators at the departmental level. These activities include visiting college campuses throughout Puerto Rico, contacting public health and health care organizations, collaborating with professional organizations, and placing listings in directories of higher education institutions. The GSPH’s Division of Continuing Education and Professional Studies has joined our recruitment efforts by distributing materials and information about the GSPH and its academic offerings, including the Master in Health Services Administration. In addition, our alumni and students often participate in recruitment activities. Candidates interested in the Program submit documents for admission to the Office of Admissions at the Deanship of Students Affairs every January.